Diet Mtn Dew Ultra Violet


On August 3rd, in the year twenty-oh-nine, Mtn Dew (the carbonated beverage so XTREME that it refuses to spell out its name in full) launched the new drink Diet Mtn Dew Ultra Violet at a VIP “release party.” Unfortunately, we at No Free Refill were not officially invited, so a few days later we went to our local (Asian) grocery and purchased the drink with, you know, real money. It was still so new, though, that the store didn’t even have it in its system, and the cashier had to ask us how much it cost. AND BOY DID WE TELL HIM (“I don’t know, like $1.50?”)

I would also like to mention right now that the soda is only available for the next 12 weeks. So by the time you’re done reading this review, it could be gone!

The soda itself is a light purple. At least it appears light purple to the human eye, as I don’t know if I’m able to see the actual ultra violet that must be encased in the drink.

The press release says that the pop “combines the light citrus flavor of Diet Mountain Dew with a refreshing juicy rush of mixed berries without the calories.” I think it tastes like nasty in a bottle. But I have been known to hate diet sodas, and so as we are growing accustomed to doing here at No Free Refill, I went to the source for impartial diet soda analysis: my girlfriend Linda.

“Diet Mtn Dew usually doesn’t taste very diet-y,” she said, after swishing the drink around in her mouth. “I mean it does, but you know. I also don’t usually like berry things, they’re just so default. But this tastes okay. Diet Mtn Dew never has the kick of regular Mtn Dew, and this almost fixes that. It feels really carbonated, not as flat as Diet Dew. This one still has some fizzling-on-my-tongue-action. Plus, it’s purple!”

And indeed, as stated earlier, it is a light purple color. I leave you with this observation from diet soda expert Linda:

“I don’t even think you’re supposed to ingest things that are this color, but I guess, you know, if you’re already drinking Mtn Dew.”

Yes. If you’re already drinking Mtn Dew, you should know, there’s this new diet one. It’s purple.

Adam Dorsey


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