No Free Refill is a blog about everything related to soda.  These are your editors:


Adam Dorsey is a writer and filmmaker who has spent most of his life in Washington State, but now lives in Los Angeles. He prefers Coke.  Despite this, in the 7th grade he was banned from a friend’s house for drinking 12 cans of Pepsi in one night.  He was sick for three days afterward, but believes that it was all worth it.  He also wishes you had seen his Street Fighter 2 Turbo skills when he was ten cans in. It was spectacular.

Adam’s Blog: http://www.adamdorsey.com

88 by 88Curtis Retherford is a writer and improvisor from New York City. He prefers Pepsi. Because he grew up mostly in Olympia, Washington, he often calls soda “pop.” He believes that any soda labeled “Fountain soda” should have unlimited refills. All restaurants and bars should have free refills on sodas; it costs about 25 cents for a restaurant to refill my glass, so just do it. After moving to NYC, he started drinking soda from a can using a straw, because the tops of soda cans are generally disgusting.

Curtis’s Blog: Stuff Written By Curtis

Both Adam and Curtis also write for the video game blog Multiplayer Singleplayer.

The photos in the banner image are courtesy of William Hartz and Paul Drohan.


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