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Phosphoric Acid and Plastic Utensils: An Experiment

Coke + Forks = ?

The No Free Refills Science Division has been working on some experiments you can do with simple, everyday objects and soda. You’ll be surprised at the results. To try this experiment, which shows the effects of phosphoric acid on plastic utensils, watch the youtube video below.


The New Pepsi Logo

The New Pepsi Logo is Mario.

You will never be able to un-see this.

Drawn by Curtis, idea by Ben Whitehouse.

Also, from elsewhere on the net:

Some guy on Reddit had a PDF of the ridiculous marketing info some advertising company produced about Pepsi’s logo, pre-roll out. It is well worth downloading the PDF.

This image has bounced around the net so much that I have no idea where it originated. It’s not technically true, and the full, much more interesting story, is on the blog Brand New.

Slate, and many others, claim the new Pepsi logo looks like Obama’s logo. I think both logos happen to be circles.

And, for a bit on the history of various logos, Terry O’Reilly has a great episode of The Age of Persuasion all about Leaving Your Mark.

Curtis Retherford